So, I promise my blog will not be all “woe is me” about going through divorce or harping on the past, but I figure you might want to know a little about things before I get into what I’m learning about myself and thoughts about the future.

I met Pete in late 1999…we met in a chat room of all places (this was before and meeting people online was seen as oddball or weird!) during college and lived a few hours from each other. We fell for each other pretty quickly, and after a year of long distance, he moved to my town, and we became best friends and loves. Seven years later, we got married in Hawaii – just the two of us, how we wanted it – and two years later, out of the blue, he told me he wasn’t happy and didn’t see me as a wife, but as a best friend. Ouch. That hurt. Especially since we’d been together for so long, never had a fight, and I never saw it coming. And, he didn’t want to work on it, or try to, he just wanted out. So, we separated, and it was the hardest few months I have ever endured. I cried daily, it was hard to keep it together at work (working in PR – very hard to mask, since I’m constantly in meetings, on the phone with clients, press etc. that I had to put on somewhat of an act, and I am no actress!!).

Fast forward three months – three very long but very telling months. Pete and I actually are acting like we are in the “friend zone” – it’s very amicable and we get together once or twice a week for dinner or to watch one of our favorite shows. Hard thing to explain, but it’s working. We are working through divorce papers and all that rigamarole, but beyond that, it’s fairly normal, as normal as could be.

So, that’s a little about my situation…stay tuned for more tomorrow…happy reading!