It’s so true…you are stronger than you think you are. At the beginning, I was scared – of living alone, being independent, redefining my identity, since I was so used to be part of a couple for almost 10 years – and thought I’d crumble under the pressure.

And, at first, I just about did.

But, then, right after the new year, something started to click, almost like a light switch, and I started to feel happier, more than sad, and not filled with dread going home to an empty house (thank God for kitties!!). I started realizing that this “isn’t so bad” and maybe I will be ok. Don’t get me wrong, I still sleep with a light on, but hey, baby steps, right?!

Everyone kept telling me how strong I was being, and I didn’t believe anyone. I just thought I was good at masking it. But you know what? I guess I am stronger than I think I am. Now, I am excited at redefining who I am, building a better me, and looking towards the future.