As I mentioned in a previous post, my grandparents have been unbelievably supportive. They turned me on to a minister out of Houston – Joel Osteen – who is absolutely fantastic. He’s very inspirational and really hits home for me. He has a program I watch on Sunday nights as I prepare for the week ahead. It really helps set my mood and refocus for the week ahead.

I’m reading his book “Living your best life now” (an excerpt of which can be read here). It’s all about living life to your fullest potential and a huge part of that is redefining your mindset. There are seven steps to living your best life now, and they include: enlarging your vision, developing a healthy self image, discovering the power of your thoughts and words, letting go of the past, finding strength through adversity, living to give, and finally, choosing to be happy.

I’m only in the self-image section of the book, but already, it’s been eye opening on so many levels. I highly recommend it!