This is, hands down, my favorite quote.

It’s funny because, when life is good, and all is right with the world, it’s easy to see quotes like this and think, yes, you should love your life, no matter what. It’s when life tests you that you see quotes like that and think yeah, right, easier said than done.

I started to go down that negative slope a bit at first, when things were really tough, and I just felt like my life was over, but as I sat back, I realized that God may be testing me, but my life is not over, it’s just shifting into a new path in life, and once I started thinking of this phase of my life as a sort of reinvention, I started to embrace the changes in my life a little bit more. Sure, it’s taken time and it’s still a tough road ahead, I am feeling hopeful, and sometimes all you need is a little hope to get you through.