So, this is sort of a fun post for a cold Sunday, snow on the way (argh!). Here’s my list of pros and cons to living alone – don’t get me wrong, I would rather NOT live alone, but here are a few things I have learned the last few months on what I actually like about it and a few of the things I don’t like.


  1. Can leave the bathroom door open 😉
  2. Cleaning is faster, just my own mess, which isn’t a lot
  3. Making veggies he didn’t like – asparagus, yum! LOL
  4. Less junkfood in the house, less temptation!


  1. sleeping alone – still hate it and leave a light on
  2. not sleeping well, ever, really
  3. kitties nag me for a midnight snack and I give in – he would have tossed them out of the room, but I don’t have the heart!
  4. SHOVELING SNOW!!! (though, in his defense, he’s come by to help during big storms)
  5. taking out the trash and recycling. Hate it.
  6. Bringing in the groceries (ok, I was spoiled in this department!)

So, there are a few pros and a few cons – hopefully the pros list increases and the cons start decreasing soon! Overall, though, I think I’ve done better at coping with living alone than I initially thought.