Though I’d like to think I have more ups and downs through this journey, today I’m feeling a smidge melancholy. I miss having a companion and someone that loves me and wants to be with me. I try to look forward as much as I can and not look back, but sometimes it’s hard not to, to remember what I had, and I try to learn from that experience instead of letting it drag me down.

I was at my dad’s today, celebrating his birthday and looking around at my sisters with their husbands and even my dad with his girlfriend, and wishing I had that again, someone to cuddle up to on the couch with, and hold hands and all the things couples in love do. I know I’ll have it again, and even venturing into the idea of dating still scares me (I realize it’s way too early for that anyway, but a girl can plan ahead, right?!), but I do miss it.

For now, I’ll have to settle for cuddling on the couch with my kitties and keeping the faith that God has a path for me and everything happens for a reason.