Okay, so that was a cheesy headline, buuut it got your attention, didn’t it? After yesterday’s renewed sense of self and blog post, I must confess I slid backwards a little bit.

Backing up (no pun intended…), I have a cold that I’ve been trying to kick for a good week or so now, and we got about 12 inches of snow that needed to be cleared from the driveway. Working from home yesterday, I just stared at the snow and was really dreading going out to snowblow. I was having a “girly moment” where I just felt it wasn’t my “job” to snowblow the driveway and wishing I weren’t in this predicament where it is now my responsibility to do. I braced myself and went out and snowblowed – freezing my butt off, but getting it done – and was a grump the rest of the afternoon.

In rehashing my snowblowing experience with my mom today, she took a minute to remind me that when we were young children, she was in the same predicament, and had to clear the driveway herself, keep the fireplace stoked and going, and run the house, as a single mom, and though she didn’t like it, it made her stronger and she did it out of responsibility for our family. It is true, and I felt a smidge sheepish after, because I am a grown woman, I can certainly snowblow my stupid driveway, and I was making a big deal out of it in my head, when it’s just something I need to accept and cope with.

So, with that said, snowblower, hear me roar! I have conquered you, and I will conquer other such home responsibilities with renewed vigor. Thanks Mom! ๐Ÿ™‚