As you know, I have been trying to get back in touch with my spirituality, and back in touch with being a Christian. I have immersed myself in some books and TV programs with Joel Osteen, but I have dabbled a bit in listening to a great CD my aunt sent me from Joyce Meyer. who is quite different from Joel, but I like her style.

I’ve had a super hectic week at work and feel like a hamster running around in circles and not getting anything done, which has left me pretty frustrated as I drive home, later than I’d like to be leaving work. So I popped in the CD last night and today and listened to Joyce, and immediately began unwinding and just engrossing myself. She had something really interesting to say about those that say they are “too busy” for anything, including their relationship with God. Basically, those that say they are too busy are using that as an excuse, and our relationship with God should not be on our “to do” list but something ingrained in our lives. At least that was my interpretation on it, and given this week’s craziness, it hit home.

Goes hand in hand with yet another of my favorite quotes – that I REALLY need to heed more often – “start living life, don’t rush through it.” Amen to that.