So, I’ve been doing this blog for just a couple of weeks but I just had to post about how weird it feels because it’s such an anonymous audience. Is anyone reading? Does anyone like it (besides my fantastic family and friends who have been reading daily – thank you!)? Am I attracting new followers who are reading daily? Is anyone else going through a similar situation?

I hope this blog becomes a good stopping point for those that are going through something like this, because like I’ve said, of the blogs out there, there aren’t any that are really that refreshing or positive to read, they are all much more negative or, are literally divorce lawyer blogs with advice! Not to toot my own horn by any stretch, but I just hope some of my thoughts are resonating because in going through this situation, I know the people that have understood best, in a way, are those that have gone through it.

So, come one, come all…and happy reading!