So, I must confess…I have what I like to call a “schoolgirl crush” on super cute spin boy…that’s a good sign right?! He teaches spinning Saturday/Sunday and he’s sooo cute! Exact opposite of Pete, not purposefully, just happens to be the opposite. We’ve been chatting before/after class and he’s just really nice and it’s a nice distraction, I must admit.

For now, I’ll call it a nice distraction but I’m sooo not about to doing any asking out – it’s so hard to a) figure out if someone is taken or not, and b)um, do the asking šŸ˜‰ So, hey, if HE were to ask ME out, well that would be a different story, and I’m probably getting way ahead of myself anyway, since it hasn’t been that long since things ended with Pete (but I do feel more and more “over” him, which I think is again, a good sign of healing).

Anyway, I’ll probably post now and again about cute spin boy…we’ll see what happens šŸ˜‰