So, I think I am really getting used to living alone…note – big difference between LIKING to live alone and getting used to it. I like parts of it, I really do, and I think the pending springtime is helping boost my mood a bit too, makes me really look forward to spring and then SUMMER! My favorite time of year by a long stretch.

I guess what I like about living alone is having my own space and doing things at my own pace. I never realized I liked that or wanted that either, but I am learning more and more about myself and things that maybe I pushed aside in the past. And, I’ve never lived alone, only lived with a roommate for a year, so the whole living alone/living without a man in my life is a whole new adjustment, and in a way, I dig it.

..still hate sleeping alone though. Big ‘fraidycat 😉 (yes, this was meant to be sort of a non-post today – fun, but not really uber thoughtful either, just a mini relevation!).