One of the more difficult things to deal with throughout this whole separation/divorce process has been bringing up what I (now) playfully call “the situation” (say it in a dramatic voice…kind of funny, sort of cheesy/soap opera/dun-dun-dun-ish). For those that don’t know (because it’s not that I’m broadcasting it, I’m just sharing it with my close friends and family and if it comes up with others, it comes up and I’ll explain it), how DO you bring it up, without the other person feeling awkward (for example – when my hairdresser asked “what are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” – that would not be the time to say um, I’m getting divorced! awkward much?! for her more than me!)? Beyond the awkardness, I think people who are just acquaintances feel more awkward being told because it’s a really personal piece of information that they don’t know what to do with.  Do they say they’re sorry? Do they ask whose decision it was? Do they say ANYTHING? I put myself in their shoes and it’s almost easier not saying anything…but then it feels like the elephant in the room for me, and I’d rather it just be known than having to re-explain it 49 times. There should be such a thing as a divorce publicist…hmm, new job path?? 😉

This is sort of a rambling-stream-of-consciousness post…but there really isn’t any good way of bringing it up, I guess. It just depends on the person, the situation, and the time. It’s not a dirty secret, it’s “the situation” and I’m prepared to face it head on and just get it out there.

Happy Friday everyone (quote Friday is taking a week off…I did some quote-type posts earlier this week already anyway 😉 )