So I have been MIA for a couple of days as I’ve been traveling for work (San Fran and back in 24 hours – fun *said in a sarcastic voice* – nice to see a bit of the city, but the back and forth travel was very tiring!) and have read a lot more of the Joel Osteen book I mentioned in a previous post – Your Best Life Now.


An interesting section on reprogramming your mental computer was excellent – it was all about not dwelling on the past, doing away with self-pity and negativity, and choosing to be positive and dwelling on the good in life, versus the bad. Obviously, this is a very healthy frame of mind for me to think about as I still of course have my ups and downs during this journey, but beyond that, it’s something I think everyone should be thinking about on a daily basis – to CHOOSE to think and behave positively, no matter what adversity lies around us. It’s EASIER to think about all the negative – job is stressful, money’s tight, etc – rather than to turn that negativity into positive energy and trusting that God has a path for us, and though there are plenty of tests and trials, that only makes us stronger and hungrier for what lies ahead in life.


So, as I sit here typing this entry thinking about all of the work I need to catch up on at work, it’s a good reminder that ya know what? Life could be a lot worse and there is a LOT I can be thankful for…just something for us all to think about. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative and let it snowball and spiral out of control.