Today’s quote Friday folks and here’s my quote for today: “only when we are no longer afraid, do we begin to live.”

I could go in a zillion directions on this one, but this one struck me today, as I took the day off. By myself. That may not sound like a big deal, but before, I hated being alone or doing things on my own so I would never take a day off unless I had something planned, or Pete had the day off or someone in my family had the day off etc. I don’t know why, I just didn’t want to be alone, even if the day off would be useful for getting errands done, which is usually an “alone” activity anyway.

Can I tell you a secret? I am LOVING the day off by myself! I mean, I’ve done some errands and things like that, but I am enjoying the peacefulness of sitting on the couch, with a good book, one of my kitties by my feet, just relaxing. I never thought I would come to appreciat this…especially when we were first talking about divorce. First thing that popped into my head – oh my God, I hate being alone, what am I going to do? And slowly, as the days turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into months, I have gradually started to like being alone.

So, this quote really speaks to that – not letting silly fears (or even big, warranted fears) hold you back, live each day, enjoy it, because you only live once.