Lately, things with me and Pete have been oddly normal, more so than usual. It’s very hard to explain our relationship and the fact that we do talk several times a week, sometimes daily, just to say hello, and see each other every so often as well.

It’s not like I feel as though I am “hanging on” or hoping that continuing to talk or see each other will change Pete’s mind. Not that way at all…because like I mentioned in a previous post, I don’t want him back (for many reasons, but the biggest reason being that our marriage, in my mind, at this point, is beyond repair. There is no way we could go back to what we had) but what I do want? his friendship. And he feels the same.

So, we’ve been able to morph a nine-year relationship into a friendship in just a few months. Odd, I know, believe me, I know…and who knows what will happen when one of us starts dating again, but for now, I’m feeling pretty content with sustaining a friendship and an amicable divorce. Feels settling and somewhat peaceful.