I was having a conversation with a friend at work today…when *do* you change your name “back” to your maiden name when you get divorced? Do you have to wait until it’s legally official, or can you change it – theoretically – whenever you want for all intents and purposes (ya know, the important stuff – lol – at work, on Facebook etc)? I guess officially I have to wait until it’s official, but in a way, I am already itching to change it back – to slough off the “old” and bring back the me.

And to think…when all this first started, I was actually pretty adamant about keeping my married name because I felt it would be more humiliating to change it back professionally (“oh, did you get married?” questions from those that don’t know me well – and then, what, do you actually make them feel awkward and say, “no, actually, divorced.” I guess you do!)!! A lot has changed over the past several months and I know I say it all the time, but I just feel so different and the fact that I want to change my name – WANT TO – actually says more to me, than I thought it would.