Today, I woke up and got hit with the grumpy stick – big-time – and all I could think about was how I need to practice what I have been preaching on how – choosing to be happy and not letting the little things get to me. i gradually snapped out of it as the day wore on (after, ya know, rubbing off on one of my sisters, making her grumpy LOL!) but just felt sort of “eh” middle of the road today.

Then I came home to the cutest little note in the mail from my gram…it truly made my day and it really is the little things in life, each day, that make life so great and makes you realize how very important family is! I’m trying to cherish each day not only for myself, but for my family too, spending time with them, talking to them often, and rejoicing in such great family I really do have. So, as the day wears to a close, I’m not grumpy, I’m thankful and grateful for wonderful family and friends. XOXO!