Just came across a really interesting post on divorce myths from the Debating Divorce blog. Some of these myths don’t pertain to my particular situation (no kids etc), but one really stuck out to me:

Myth 3- “Women bitterly regret divorce”, not true. Most divorced women do not regret divorcing. Moreover, divorced women are generally happier than divorced men. And one large study suggests that many middle-aged women become happier after their divorce. These women showed an increase in positive self-image and self-esteem and were inspired by their divorce to gain more control of their lives. Myth 4 was a myth I have often wondered about “Women emerge from divorce more emotionally scarred and psychologically damaged than do men”, according to divorce source, not only are divorced women happier than divorced men, but they are better off emotionally too. This myth was so interesting to me that I will dedicate a post to life after divorce looking at both men and women.

I couldn’t agree more – I actually think I am coming out of this much stronger than Pete is, and have came away from this learning a lot about myself, when I don’t think he really has. In a way, that’s pretty sad, because he’s the one who made the decision to divorce, not me, yet I am the one learning the most. (Note: here is the follow-on blog entry on divorce – men vs. women, if you are interested!)

Stay tuned for my quote Friday quote, just had to post this quickie blog post while still fresh in my mind. Happy Friday!