One thing that I guess I haven’t really been “ready” for is going out again and “mingling” and all that jazz…maybe part of me feels intimidated by it since I haven’t “gone out” as a single chica for oh, almost ten years!I think part of it is still that feeling of the elephant in the room (even though really, I’m the only one in a crowded room who would know I am going through a divorce, such a mental thing!) and feeling odd about it and I know I am clearly overthinking it, but that’s why I’ve been sort of hesitant to go out (beyond girls nights, dinner/drinks with friends etc).

However, I think I am starting to get to the point to want to go out and see what’s out there – not so much to necessarily find someone, but just to literally, get out there again, dip my toe in – and I know I have several volunteers to be my wingwomen, which is awesome (you know who you are!!).

…and how else am I going to figure out where cute spin boy hangs out so I can bump into him not all nasty, sweaty, and out of breath from spinning?! 😉