Had dinner last night with Pete…he used to make this MEAN meatloaf (I’d playfully call it PETEloaf) and as we usually watch 24 together on Monday nights, I asked if he’d make it if I supplied the ingredients. So, we had dinner last night, and it was very refreshing, in a way, to be back at more of a normal stage, and not awkward. Not to say it has been completely awkward when we’ve gotten together in the past, but on occasion, it’s been a bit awkward at a times. But not last night. Last night was normal, we joked, ate a yummy dinner and watched 24. As FRIENDS.

And it worked. Gives me hope that maybe we can sustain a friendship after all is said and done. Time will continue to tell, though, and the wild card for me still is, when one (or both) of us starts dating, will it still be normal? Or will it get weird? Hoping it stays normal, but we’ll see how that goes, when the time comes.

It’s funny because many people would think trying to sustain an ongoing friendship with a soon-to-be-ex spouse is more complicated and harder than it’s worth, but for me, the opposite is true. And, it has nothing to do with trying to hold on to the past or what we had, because it IS the past and I can’t go back, because so much has changed since October and I see him so differently now, and I’m sure, vice versa.

I will admit one thing – I DO miss having dinner with someone other than myself (and my cats!) and having it made FOR me! šŸ˜‰