On my drive in to work today, I started slipping into stressing about various things – money, things I need to get done at work today, etc – and am trying my hardest to snap out of it. So I get to work and am reading my email and I subscribe to a newsletter from Anthony Fernando, a former business guy, who went on to write his own book and do motivational speaking. I scrolled through some of the topics (today’s and older ones that I hadn’t yet read) in the newsletter and came across one called “From Hope to Change.” This post is about transforming your sense of hope into real and long lasting change – making  it a habit and sticking to it. The graphic really helps depict the post even more, and it was sort of what I needed today, because feeling hopeful and optimistic doesn’t mean much unless it’s habitual, not just when you are in a good mood and feeling happy.


So, with that, I feel better, and am going to print this picture and put it on my desk and at home so I constantly remember it!