I’m finally starting to find some GREAT blogs about going through divorce that I absolutely love – Snarkbutt Divorced and the Diary of a Jaded Soon-to-Be Ex-Husband are excellent! I’m going to be blogging about some of their recent entries as I truly felt as if I were reading my own thoughts in some of these and it’s so refreshing to see others out there that are making it, ending up happy and charging ahead with their lives.

I was reading Snarkbutt’s Post-Divorce boyfriend post and many of his thoughts are exactly what I needed to hear because, in a way, I think I fell into somewhat of the same “trap” as him – relying on one person to “get it all” and make me happy. I never actually thought I was unhappy in my marriage and overall relationship, but I think I did rely a lot on my relationship to shape who I am, which I guess really isn’t the healthiest and isn’t something I ever realized I may have done. An interesting excerpt from his post delves into this a bit more:

I’ve whined a lot on this blog about not having anyone primary in my life, but it turns out that my divorce has made me wary of primary relationships. I’ve learned that I need to strengthen and maintain all my secondary relationships. You can’t get it all from one person. I’ve said that many times before, but I’m actually starting to feel it now.

You really can’t get it all from one person, and you shouldn’t expect to, and that’s something I think I am realizing and why this whole journey is so eye-opening, because I thought I would be absolutely miserable being single and “starting over” because I am so accustomed to be part of a couple. But I am realizing that I really am enjoying my individuality and alone time, and learning about my motivations, my likes/dislikes all over again. It’s like I’m re-introducing myself to uh, me!

women-in-newbury-handshake-webJolene – I’d like you to meet Jolene – nice to meet you. 🙂