Read yet another great post by Soon-to-Be-Ex about dating, readiness, and perception. Though I am not *quite* ready to date yet (though, as we know, IF cute spin boy asked me out, uh, I most certainly would say yes – LOL – is that a contradiction or what?!), some of what he said I could already identify with…things like, people questioning your readiness to date, perception of said date-ee and their reaction that you are divorced. An excerpt:

The decision as to whether or not I am ready to put myself out there, to take a risk that my heart could get broken, to date, to fall in love again, and what not, that is MY decision. For some reason when I tell people I am divorced there is a sudden shock to their system, and for some reason it seems as though I am being looked at as somehow damaged goods. And you know what? I am not damaged.

I am not damaged dammit. I am not broken, shattered, or somehow not complete. I know who I am and what I want. Just because I happen to be divorced does not make me any less real than you. My emotions are no less real than yours. Hell, I am part of the cool kids club, you know, the one that us divorced folks belong to. The one where we find ourselves, banding together, helping each other, working through the shit and muck that life threw at us to come out stronger, more secure, more confident, more able, and more self aware of who we are and what we want. You should be lucky to meet any of us, as we know who the type of person is that is not the person for us.

One – SO true – only I know when I am ready to date, not my family, not my friends, not anyone. And, two – I AM part of the “cool kids” club as well – I love that – we find ourselves, get through the shit life threw us, and come out so much stronger, happier and more confident. His post really says it all. And when I am ready to date…believe me, you all will be the first to know 😉