crush_fotmSo I’ve had a few requests to share an update on cute spin boy. While there aren’t any major updates, I have been slowly finding out more and more about him before/after spin class. Here is a bit of intelligence I’ve gathered thus far:

  • He works in Boston and is getting his MBA at night (= driven – I like!)
  • He has a friend in a band that he’s gone to see at the Middle East (~could mean he’s single?! hanging out at clubs?)
  • He used to be in the military (this is new intel – could be why he’s got a super short buzz cut – which looks hot on him)
  • He’s going to Aruba next week (~could mean he’s single OR that he’s taken?! Didn’t say “we” said “he” is going to Aruba – this is a wild card)
  • He’s super cute, has nice muscles, and is hot (oh, is that *not* intelligence?! oops…LOL)
  • He might teach some new kickboxing classes (um, I am SO there).

So, that’s what I got so far – none of this says to me whether he’s single, interested, or even how old he is. I’m estimating he could be a couple years younger, maybe 27? Or he might be my age, 29, but it’s really hard to tell.  I’ll continue to share updates on project: cute spin boy as I have them, and for now, continue enjoying the nice distraction during spinning classes 😉