easter-wallpaper-003-1024Just got back from a wonderful Easter with the family at my Gram and Gramp’s in Maine…and what a difference a winter makes! The last holiday I spent at my grandparents’ house was Thanksgiving, and it was still a VERY raw time for me, and my first holiday after “the situation” started. It was all I could do to hold it together and not cry the entire time, and thank God my sister Jen spent the holiday with me as well (see this post for why that meant so much to me!) because I needed the support and a distraction away from me in any way I could.

Fast forward five months to Easter and it was a whole new experience. I had a wonderful time, laughing, eating (oink!) and spending time with my family. It was wonderful, that’s all there is to it. And, my gram even told my brother in law (as they bonded in the kitchen!) that I seemed back to myself – and that means a lot, when even my Gram notices these things. They have also been so fantastic through all of this and I love seeing them and spending time with them.

Anyway, it was just a refreshing day and one filled with optimistm and hope. Now, off to lay on the couch and uh, try to digets all the food I somehow put away way too easily 😉