Random blog o the week – I absolutely adore blogging. I thought I’d like it, when I started my blog a couple months ago, but I absolutely heart it.

i_love_blogging-787805A fun blog I like to read on a daily basis is Dooce – Heather is so real, brutally honest (which I love!) and absolutely hilarious. She’s an inspiration to all those bloggers out there hoping to catapult into mass audiences. I would love, love, love to blog for a living. Okay, so not about divorce (lol) but to blog for a living would be awesome. Or owning a gym. Or doing PR for Cathe Friedrich, my fitness idol.

Okay, now I’m rambling, but I gave fair warning that this was a random post. So there you have it. My random ruminations for the day that have utterly nothing to do with my divorce. Just fun.