I’ve gotten several blog comments lately – from those I know, and a few that I don’t – about how my blog is inspiring them. And that means the world to me – whether they’re going through the same thing, or just find some comfort in some of my posts – because inspiring others inspires me to keep going. The joy I feel when I hear how my words are impacting others is akin to the joy of gift-gifting and the light on that person’s face when they get your gift. I LOVE that feeling, and this feels so similar. And it’s really keeping me going…I noticed today that I really haven’t had many down days – the up days most definitely out-number the down, and are so much fewer and farther in between, which is a huge milestone for me!

Another milestone? Sort of unrelated, but in a way, related – I’m running my first 5K on Saturday! Before “the situation,” for some reason, I was always so adamantly against running because uh, I hate it, but I think I was afraid of it, but since “the situation,” I’ve been stretching my fitness boundaries as well as my emotional boundaries, and running (and spinning, of course!!) are two great examples of that. So, wish me luck on Saturday, because Lord knows I still need it 😉