As I browse through some of the blogs I’ve started following, I have a few thoughts I wanted to share – ramblings, if you will – on this fine Sunday afternoon.

First, I feel compelled to salute the end of the “Diary of a Jaded Soon-to-be-Ex-Husband” as he has written his last entry in the journey of his divorce. I have thoroughly enjoyed his posts as they are refreshing yet real and give me hope that I too will find some solace in the end of this. I have every confidence that I will, and some of his thoughts and writings really inspire me and give me hope. To you, Soon-to-Be-Ex, best wishes in your future and I really can’t wait to hear more about your next blog incarnation. Cheers!

In other ramblings…I’ve been reading Chaz’ Journey Back, and similar to some of my past posts, he did an awesome post on feelings and the idea that “I feel this way, therefore, it is this way.” An excerpt:

More often than not, I have found that I am able to push through the tough feelings when they show up.  And show up they do.  More often than not, I can take a “ya, ya, whatever” attitude and just continue on and let the feelings do as they wish.  It is hard, it is agonizing sometimes.  But it gets easier and I always feel better in a short while.

After I push through, and the positive feelings follow, I always wonder what it was I felt bad about in the first place.  Which further convinces me that the feelings were unreliable in the first place.

I post this because I had an agonizing day this way.  I had some things to accomplish and the feelings were all over me.  As dark and hurtful as I can remember in a long time.  I wanted to quit and say just screw everything and take the day off.  I didn’t.  And now, a mere 3 hours later, lots has been accomplished and I am energized to face the next thing on the list.

So, so true! I too get into a funk and it is tremendously difficult to pull yourself out of it, when all you can think is how bad things are, how upset you are, and how much things suck. And then, when you pull out of it, you feel SO much better and realize how out of control your feelings can get. Just another reminder that in the grand scheme of things, life is actually pretty damn good, and could be a LOT worse, so why fret?

Now, let’s hope I can carry these positive thoughts throughout the work week. Wish me luck!