It constantly baffles me how difficult it is to get divorced and how EASY it is to get married! Ironic, isn’t it?

Going through the divorce process – a process that is pretty straight-forward for us since we’ve only been married two of the 9 years we’ve been together and our only real asset is our ho”use (asset” said loosely since the appraisal came in super low – not that I’m surprised in this economy, but still stings), it should feel a little more simple than it is, but it’s just not. With such a “simple” case, I can’t imagine how much more convoluted the process gets with kids, multiple assets, like cars, 401Ks etc., and how expensive it gets (with a simple case like ours, it’s still costly). It just blows my mind and I truly feel for families that are torn apart by divorce and how painful the process becomes when you add in all the financials and legalese to it all.

In a way, it really makes me think hard about marrying again (though, of course, I say that now, who knows what the future holds) – unless I want kids at some point, the marriage piece of it doesn’t feel so important anymore. Who knows what the future may hold, but this process has already been so eye-opening.

PS – I hope this post doesn’t come across as negative or complaining, because the process – though complicated – has been extremely amicable and for that, I am grateful!