No blog post yesterday…I tend to write them at night (and, if I know I won’t have a chance, I write them at some point during the day), but had a somewhat sudden change of plans last night. My grandmother (Nonna as we call her – Italian for grandma) – who has been sick on and off the last few months, with a heart attack and a stroke – took a bit of a turn for the worst yesterday so I went to to the hospital to see her. And it was hard. Very hard to see her all tied up to machines, tubes everywhere. She was sleeping, so my mother and one of my sisters just sat with her and talked to her, and about her.

It’s a reality of life that slapped me straight across the face yesterday and something I don’t want to face. I am extremely fortunate to have all four grandparents alive at this age, especially after I have seen countless friends go through the pain of losing a grandparent in the past couple of years. So, I am praying, and hoping Nonna pulls through. She is a fighter, she is strong, and I love her dearly.

When I talked to her soon after she heard about my divorce, she said some of the sweetest, most loving words that I will never forget. She’s very special and one of the kindest-hearted people I know. Another post tonight…just wanted to get this out while it was fresh.