, I don’t put a lot of weight behind my horoscope (I’m a Libra), but I do read them on occasion, just out of curiosity. Today’s horoscope struck me as it mentioned that I am “ready to talk about something really big…even if it doesn’t quite seem like it.” VERY interesting to read that as I have been debating and thinking about when I’ll be ready to officially open myself up beyond my circle of family and friends and let “it” be official – the situation – the DIVORCE.

I suppose I am overthinking it, once again, but as it nears the six-month mark (I can’t actually recall the official date we fully decided, but Halloween night is really the date I was told it was over) this coming week, I’m sort of sick of hiding it.

And when I say I am hiding it, I am hiding it from acquaintances and coworkers that I don’t talk to often (I work in PR so my direct client teams know, but not necessarily outside of that circle). I am hiding it on Facebook (sounds silly, but I took my relationship status completely off Facebook so it woudn’t show up single or whatever, to anyone who I am friends with), but now that Pete is officially on Facebook, his status says single (or It’s complicated – sort of ironic…) so it’s really only a matter of time. Rather than being “outed” I think I may just wear it on my proverbial sleeve…drop my married name on Facebook, mention it more freely and feel that unpsoken weight lifted off my shoulders and regain my identity again.

So, my question is…AM I overthinking it? Is it “too soon” to “out” myself, or conversely, have I waited too long?! I obviously won’t officially change my name back to my maiden name until the divorce is official, but on silly things like Facebook, I think it’s about time.