meerkat-suricatasuricattaOkay, not really, but it got you to keep reading, right?? Read a great blog today from Snarbutt Divorced about being cautious relationships and the doubts and gut reactions that go along with the first forays into relationships after divorce. An excerpt:

Besides the fact that I love meerkats, this is an easy image to keep in mind: Be a meerkat! Keep your head up and look out for danger…I believe in doubt. Doubt is the opposite of dogma, and it keeps me focused and rational. It’s only when I’m sure and confident about something that I get burned. On the other hand, if I’m worried about something, I take it seriously. I’m sure there needs to be some balance between confidence and worry, but I do see the value of worry– of keeping my head up and my eyes open.

While I haven’t yet made the foray into dating by any stretch, reading about others’ experiences is interesting and helpful and gets me thinking…for one, I don’t even remember what that “new relationship” feeling is like (complete with the second-guessing, doubts, worries, flutters of excitement etc), since it’s been almost a decade (a scarily long time for a 29 year old, if you ask me!), and second, I’m obviously a lot older, (hopefully) wiser, and know myself a heck of a lot better than I did at 19 or 20. So, this shall be a huge experiment in itself when I get to the dating stage (*daydreaming about CSB*) and I couldn’t help but comment on Snark’s post, because the meerkat analogy was too fantastic to pass up, and in many ways, so true!