refocus-your-focus_tI realized today that sometimes, it’s just good to get back to basics. Enjoy the simple things, get rid of the mental/emotional/physical clutter and refocus. When work, the divorce/house refinance proceedings and life in general feel overly complicated and full of angst, sitting back, taking a moment and just realizing that, ya know, what? It’s not worth it to feel so angst-ridden about things you can’t change – first of all – and about things that aren’t worth the pain/frustration/anger.

So, as I took 30 minutes to breathe and do some errands at lunch, smelling the spring air and just being alone with my thoughts, it struck me – a feeling of calm and peace. It was as if I expelled the toxins and breathed in a fresh wave of focus. I feel better, happier, and more hopeful than I did earlier today. And ya know what? That’s all that matters. One day at a time, people, one day at a time.