Okay, so there isn’t a lot new to share, but I sort of like sharing the day’s updates on Saturdays, so maybe it will continue to be reoccuring πŸ˜‰ So, today’s spin class was intense – as usual – I just love how into the workouts CSB gets…makes him *that* much more attractive, to say the least!!

lefthandedSo, the latest intel…as follows:

  • *drum roll please* – he’s a lefty!! Okay, now that make seem inconsequential, but I am a lefty and I have only dated lefties (or married them! LOL!) in the past. Totally unintentionally, but it is the one common thread any ex has ever had – all been left-handed. Maybe this is a sign, or maybe I am – again – overthinking. I told him I noticed he was a lefty and so was I, and that we’re smarter than the rest. Now, what I SHOULD have said, if I had b&#s, was that I have only dated lefties. Course, I think of this *after* class. Damn.
  • He is done with his MBA classes for the semester. This means he’ll have more time on his hands…hmmm.
  • He loves iced coffee.
  • He loves oldies songs…and U2, and rock.

Okay, so my list is a little piddly this week, but it’s still more than I knew last week, right?! We chatted quite a bit before class, and I swear, during class, he gives me slightly longer glances during class than he does to anyone else. Soooo adorable. Okay, I’m rambling. Clearly completely crushing over this guy, now only if I could gather the courage to find out if he is single and/or see where else he hangs out. Someone – please – give me courage cuz I got none πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: Okay, it’s Sunday, and this morning’s spin class was awesome. Why, you ask? Because CSB asked me – by name (he remembers my name LOL!) if I would come to Thursday’s spin class since he’s subbing for another instructor. I’m SO there. How exciting (and, I somehow was able to slide into the convo that I am single. Score 1 for me!)