I feel like I have inspiration fairy dust floating around me lately – I keep reading or seeing or hearing about things that just inspire me, almost accidentally, or something that to ME, is inspring (but I don’t really think will resonate as inspiration to anyone else) that ends up inspiring those around me. And, that makes me SO happy and fulfilled.

I’ve gotten a few comments from a few good friends lately about particular blog posts that they, too, were inspired by, or it gave them perspective on something that was bothering them. Or, my situation itself, and my progress, as inspiration to others as they go through difficult periods in their own lives. I don’t see myself as a “role model” for divorce and how it can work, by any stretch, but I do see myself as an example of how it can work POSITIVELY, and I am glad people I know can find strength in that for whatever struggles they are going through themselves. If this blog is something that even helps ONE person gain perspective, get inspired, get motivated, or believe that the impossible may not be possible, well, that’s pretty damn awesome.

PS – my horoscope today? Pretty awesome too – “you’re sensing your love life is on the upswing – and you are right! No matter how long you have been broken up, things look a lot better for you now.” BRING IT ON!! šŸ™‚