So, I did it (said in somewhat sarcastic voice) – I dropped my married name on Facebook. And you know what? Nobody *really* cares! I didn’t get a deluge of people asking questions or private messages digging for details. I guess it’s true of some of the comments from my recent post on this subject – that it’s really not as big a deal, or the “elephant in the room” as much as I thought. It is more of a weight lifted off my shoulders than anything.

And I feel better – I like seeing my maiden name again, I am getting reacquainted with it slowly, since it will be quite some time since it will be “legally” changed since we haven’t even officially filed for divorce yet (stupid refinance process is taking a dog’s year!).  I feel more comfortable with my “old” identity back and am looking forward to continuing to rediscover myself. It certainly has been an enlightening journey so far. I think I’ll say “cheers” to that tonight!!