I know, you are all *shocked* that I am posting a mid-week CSB update 😉 Well, tonight I went to spin at 6:30 because, like those that have been following this “project” of mine, CSB asked me if I was coming to class tonight since he’s subbing for another instructor. Of COURSE I went!!

So, my sister and I went together, and I was sort of excited to be able to go in with my hair done, makeup still on – since normally, it’s first thing in the morning on the weekend, and I probably look pretty “meh” – and he was walking towards us, and I saw a little grin, and then a double-take, when he realized our hair was similar, and he was like oh, you came! [insert heart flutter here!!] Then, before class, we chatted for a few, and he said thanks for coming, I’m not used to teaching at night blah blah blah, and we were joking about how it seems like this is the first time he realized my sister and I are uh, identical. So I slid in the fact that we are triplets, and he seemed intrigued, but nervous in a way. It was strange, his mood was different than normal. I couldn’t quite place it. He mentioned his brother and wife were coming, so they were on the other side of the room and though his brother is pretty cute, CSB is cuter 😉

Fast forward to the end of class – we talked for a bit more, he seemed more himself, less nervous looking, and asked if he’d ‘ see me on Saturday.’ OF COURSE we know I will be there. So, anyway, somewhat uneventful, but it still felt like a bit of progress, and he at least got to see what I look like normally – hopefully that’s a good thing 😉

More on Saturday on CSB!