So, I’ve decided, I’m a HUGE WUSS! I had some great conversation with CSB today but I just can’t break past the chatting to making a move…giving him my number or some other way of indicating I am interested. And, I’m VERY rusty at flirting. Okay, so I am beating myself up a tad, but I guess I didn’t realize how much of a wuss I am – I guess I am just afraid of rejection or putting myself out there and finding out that a – he isn’t interested or b – he’s taken.

Now that I’ve beaten myself up publicly for all to see (LOL), here’s a few more tidbits I found out today…

  • he’s going to a bachelor party tonight and won’t be in class tomorrow. SO bummed he won’t be in class, but bachelor party sounds fun. Doesn’t really say he is single or not, but a girl can dream.
  • he has one week off from his masters’ classes and then he’s back at it, taking some summer classes to get it done – six months left. Good for him, very driven!
  • his brother that came to class? WAY older than him – 38. I didn’t ask how old he was, but I asked if his brother was older or younger and he kinda laughed and said, a lot older, 38. And, I said, well, I didn’t really LOOK at him so I didn’t realize he was that much older. He said, yeah, he doesn’t look that old, neither does his wife, who is 35. I said yea, she doesn’t. She looks more like my age, 29. And he said something and I thought he said yeah YOU don’t look that old. I said HEY 29 isn’t old! He laughed and said no, he meant his sister in law. Hehe, slight flirting I suppose 😉
  • he may go to Thursday night class – not to teach, just to go – I may go, would be fun to spin right NEXT to him. Hmm.
  • he’s hot, and when he glances at me during class, I look at him juuust long enough and then look away. Don’t wanna look creepy or anything 😉

So, that’s it folks, not a ton of new, but we do talk a lot before and after class, and I can kinda sense slight interest of some kind and don’t know if the chemistry I feel is just because I think he’s hot, or if he’s into me too. Time will tell…guess I can still just chalk it up to having a nice distraction for the time being. And maybe soon, I will grow some and move out of my wussy ways!!