51I+7yXWRPL._SL500_AA240_Can I have a t-shirt that says that?! So, my grandparents came over yesterday with my sisters and my mom for a little mother’s day gathering and my gram hands me this book – “it’s a breakup, not a breakdown” and said she thought of me when she saw that in the library and picked it up for me. How thoughtful and cool is she?! I’m actually really excited to read it – here’s an excerpt from the back cover:

Every woman’s experienced the Big Breakup. You know the one. And even though it’s a devastating natural disaster, after all the mind-numbing, soul-stirring, heart-wrenching pain comes the pleasure: in rediscovering yourself and your amazing life, of relishing in your girlfriends’ company, and (eventually) of meeting someone new–someone who would have otherwise gone unmet had you not gone through your breakup in the first place.

I feel like that excerpt should be the description for this blog, it reads so perfectly. I hope the last part – meeting someone new – happens soon..or, is CSB, but a girl can dream, right? And, I DO have the most amazing friends ever…last night we had a blast and they pushed me out of my comfort zone to go somewhere I never imagined I would or would want to go, just on a whim, and you know what? It was FUN!! I haven’t been out til 1 AM in a looong time, and it was way cool – thanks girls (and bro-in-law and S!) 😉

Now, back to winding down a fabulous weekend with family and friends, and on to the week ahead. Let’s hope it is a goodie, even though I have a feeling it’ll be hectic (as usual).