Last night’s episode of Joel Osteen’s sermon was great – and I was feeling really optimistic. Key word – WAS. An excerpt, and then I’ll explain the “was” part:

God always finishes what He starts in our lives; He will always take us from Friday to Sunday. The Fridays in life are our darkest hours when it seems like the end. But just like Christ was resurrected from the grave on Sunday, God desires to resurrect our lives, our marriages, finances, healthy families and dreams.

I’m really trying to stay optimistic and not let this situation break me down, but the more we look into our options for selling our under-water home, the worse things look, and the longer and harder the process and outlook look. I feel like I am inching towards my Friday – my darkest hour – when I thought I was past that dark time. The pain and sadness of divorce is gone, but now, the pain and frustration of trying to deal with our screwed up mortgage system is really wearing me down. I know I need to just put my trust and faith in God, knowing He will come through for me, but it’s hard. I know I’ll get through it, but it’s just one of those days.  Deep breaths, baby steps, family and friends support and God will get me through, I just have to keep reminding myself of that.