I caught up with a really good friend of mine (she’s been through “the situation” too) tonight and while we were talking, and I was filling her in on the latest with CSB (wuss), house (selling – ahhh), and life (not too shabby, considering), she commented on how well I’ve been coping with it all. I do hear this fairly often from people – not to brag, in all seriousness! – but when she says it, it just makes me think…I guess I am strong.

Because, as we were talking, I was recalling an earlier conversation – from way back in the beginning, when I would fill her in on the situation, and would be bawling my eyes out. And saying how I didn’t want to move out of the house. And now, fast forward six months, and I DO want to move out of the house…when she was telling me how empowering it felt to have her “own” apartment after her divorce, I didn’t quite “get” what the difference would be. This is my house. I am the only one living in it, how could it feel any different? But it does – just thinking about it – it does feel different and hugely empowering.

I guess I’d consider that a milestone – a shift in perception and thinking on my part. I was so close minded, in a way, at the beginning, no matter what people told me, what advice they gave (don’t get me wrong, I drank it all in, and appreciated every word from everyone!), I just didn’t believe some of what I was being told. But I do now. This is a whole new world for me and I swear, I am passing milestone after milestone without even realizing it. And I love it.