wings-of-freedom-thumb1894625Wow, what a difference a day makes, and some more perspective. After last night’s post and series of events, I was drained, utterly exhausted. I was stressed, agonizing over what to do about the house, and feeling like there was no end in sight. Fast forward to today and meeting with a real estate agent that specializes in short sales. Now, I went into this feeling like this was still not the right decision and even after leaving the meeting, I was still pretty adamant. And then I thought about it, I drove home, I sat in the yard, by myself, thinking and thinking over dinner. It was very peaceful and I felt clear-headed and not driven by emotion. And I realized – all signs are pointing to this being the right decision for me – I kept fighting it because it seems so wrong and so risky, but with all of the factors I have to weigh, I think it’s the right decision, believe it or not.

And then I checked my email. My weekly newsletter from Anthony Fernando was in my inbox and it was all about minimizing regret:

Often we become paralyzed by analyzing the possible outcomes of a decision and in doing so we waste a great deal of time and mental energy. If you have ever agonized over a decision until you were physically and mentally exhausted you will know exactly what I mean.

A useful strategy to help you make decisions is the concept of regret minimalization.

The aim of regret minimalization is to reduce the number of decisions in life that you end up looking back on with regret.

The steps to using regret minimalization are as follows:

  1. Project yourself into the future and visualize yourself at the age of 80
  2. Imagine that you are looking back on your life
  3. Ask yourself which of the options you are trying to decide between will you be more likely to regret missing out on?

When I read that, I thought, wow, this is it. I need to do this. I have prayed a lot and asked God to guide me through the right decision, and all signs are pointing to this…and so, let the journey begin. It’ll be scary, it’ll have ups and downs, but I need to do what is right for me, and get out of the house, and move on and up. Wish me luck and blessings…I know I’ll need it.