Just had to get that out there. Yes, I went to Thursday night spin – couldn’t resist! The clock was ticking and CSB wasn’t in the class, and then he walked in, and I swear, he’s gotten hotter! He went over to talk to the instructor for a bit and then he turned around and saw me and came over to chat. He just looked like he was glowing, he was smiling and we were joking around. He wasn’t there to spin, he was lifting weights, but just came by to say hello (cuuuute). And I teased him about not coming to Sunday spin with a hangover since I came to class on Sunday with a hangover (and man, was it a doozy!). And he went back to talk to the instructor for a bit more and then waved and left.

But man, he was just so hot. And yes, I realize this post is gushy but I can’t help it. It’s been one of those weeks and it just made my day to see him and talk to him. Hopefully Saturday and Sunday spin go well too…I. Must. Make. A. Move. Though I really want him to 😉