Okay, I know, I know, I’m still a wuss, HOWEVER, I was well on my way to name-dropping where I was hanging out tonight on my girlie fun weekend (read: SINGLE!) but then I got interruped – foiled again! Okay, backing up…class was good, however, this girl who sits on the bike next to me – who totally thinks CSB is hot too, I can tell, but she is notsomuch – was seriously competing for attention from CSB. It was really quite annoying, she was involved in the convo for much of the pre-class stuff, except for a few good 1-1 exchnages [insert heart flutter here].

After class, we did get to talk a bit more and Iwas joking with him about having another wild night tonight (since he was at a bachelor party last Saturday) and was ABOUT to say yeah, me too, not doing a crazy night again either, just going out with a couple of friends at (won’t say the name of the place here, but I was going to name drop it!) when someone called him over and I lost my chance. Gah! I did tap him on the arm on the way out and said I’d see him later, and he said tomorrow? Will you be in class? Which, of course, I will, and the good thing about tomorrow? Girl-competing-for-attention doesn’t go on Sundays (we’ll call her dog, shall we?! I’m so mean…). Ha – let’s hope tomorrow is better, because I totally, 100% have a massive crush on him…no turning back now!!