A good friend of mine forwarded me a fantastic article today called “when divorce IS happily ever after,” that I absolutely loved – makes me want to meet all of the women interviewed for the book “Ask me about my divorce” (and get a t-shirt that says that! ha!). There were some fantastic learnings that I can completely agree with – here’s my favorite excerpt:Divorce

Divorce is an ending, but it’s also a beginning.
“The women were able to see their divorce as evidence of growth,” Walsh says. “When their marriage ended, they felt liberated — they renovated their homes, went back to school, traveled the world, or simply appreciated the ability to take a walk whenever they pleased.” In beginning anew, they regained their sense of self and found happiness within. As Jessica Cerretani writes, “As sweet as my new guy is, he isn’t the only reason for my joy. If we broke up, I’d be sad — but I know that I’d still have me.”

LOVE LOVE LOVE the last line – and think that is so so great – the pain of a divorce can really bring to light great inner strength and the idea that even if you do have a future break-up, you “still have me” is SO enlightening and I truly believe that whatever future break-ups I may have (hopefully not many!!), I will be stronger and heal faster.It’s funny to even think that because during the darkest moments of this situation, I never really thought I had a “me” because I was an “us” for so long, I didn’t think “me” was very important or powerful or anything without the “us.” Boy, was I wrong.

I could go on and on about this article, I really loved it. I even showed it to Pete and he wanted to read it as well. There needs to be more hopeful, positive articles and blogs that tout these main findings: divorce is an ending, but also a beginning, you are stronger than you think you are, losing a marriage doesn’t mean losing all that was good about it (SO TRUE), and, most importantly, break-ups teach us what to do, and what NOT to do, in the future.