Wow, the outpouring of support and thoughts and love from family and friends over Nonna’s passing has been absoultely amazing. This is really the first really close family member that has passed away in my life – and I realize just how lucky I am to even be saying that – and I am just so touched and feel so loved and really “hugged” by my family and friends. I’ve received flowers from my friends, which is so sweet, and I look at them and their bright colors remind me of Nonna, who always had a way with words, and even when she wasn’t even talking, her eyes said everything i needed to hear.

It’s been a trying time for my family, but I have peace knowing she is in a better place and isn’t suffering anymore. And I can feel her all around me and know she is watching us and telling us not to be sad for her, and urge us to be happy and celebrate life. And I’m going to try to do that as much as I can, and move forward with a little piece of Nonna nestled in my heart, where I can pull strength from the memories and from her words of wisdom and love.