Today’s quote for quote Friday is a goodie and has much to do with my Nonna’s recent passing.

“What we have once enjoyed, we can never lose. All that we love deeply becomes a part of us forever.”

Couldn’t be more true or more fitting today as today was Nonna’s wake and funeral. It was draining, it was emotionally and physically tiring but it was a celebration of her life and all of the lives SHE touched with her words and kindness. I thought it would be very difficult for me to get through the day “alone” and not with Pete as support, but I was okay, I had my family, and I had my own newfound strength to draw from, I didn’t “need” him there, though I would have welcomed him, if he chose to come (I gave him the option but he felt it would have been awkward, and in hindsight, that may have been true).  My sisters and I all participated in the funeral, we spoke some words about her and our favorite memories (many pulled from my blog yesterday actually) and I could feel her all around us, watching us, enjoying the memories but scolding us for being sad, at the same time.

And I took this time to reflect and once again get smacked with the reality on how short life really is, and that regret is forever and we need to capture our goals, and dreams, and wants and desires (including CSB?! lol…sorry, my attempt at lightening the moment) and don’t push them off because of fears or worries. Now is the time to live, not tomorrow, not next week or next year. Now. No regrets.