After this week’s sadness over the loss of my grandmother, I was in need of a good release a la spinning and came in to class in a pretty good mood (and hoping dog isn’t there – and SCORE she was not!!). CSB came in and was super chatty and dare I say flirty/attentive and that helped boost up my confidence. So, we were chatting and I told him my spin shoes hadn’t come yet but he will have to show me how to use them (ok that was my miniscule attempt at flirting – attempt #1) and he said he would.

Then his friend came in, who hadn’t taken the class before and he sat at the bike next to mine (where dog usually sits) and CSB showed him how to set up his bike and then he introduced his friend to me. I thought that was sort of cute, like, why would he do that? Then we were talking again and he came closer to me (oh flutter my heart! LOL) because the music was loud and I was telling him I went to spin on Thursday and that that instructor is neck and neck with him in terms of motivation, but then I said – wait for iiiit – you’re much better looking (the Thursday instructor is a girl, and she’s cute, but obviously, I don’t roll that way lol), and he sort of blushed and laughed. THAT my friends, was my second attempt at flirting – whatdya think?! hey, I told you, baby steps!! That was huge for me though! After class, he came by and gave me a fist bump – lol – which was also sort of cute, and we chatted for a few more minutes and then I left as someone else had a question for him (how *rude*!).

So, I think that was progress today – at least, in my mind, telling him he is good looking is sort of opening up the door that I’m digging him…at least I hope so. I’m optimistic about tomorrow’s class, wish me luck friends!!