So I got sucked into watching the Jon & Kate Plus 8 premiere last night and came away so touched and saddened in a way, about the way the show ended – both Jon and Kate talking separately about their future together, and seeming to be heading towards divorce. In fact, doing a quick Google search on divorce, dozens of stories pop up about last night’s episode and the big “D” word.

jonkate8_s12Just seeing the look in their eyes and the distance that was so evident between them made me feel so badly about what they potentially will go through in the future – AND with 8 kids, AND in the public eye. I guess they can be considered celebrities now, and usually celebrity divorce is overblown and played out minute by excrutiating minute in the press, and I haven’t really paid attention, but this situation just feels different, and poignant and sad.

I see things so differently now that I am going through it, and see friends go through it now in a whole new light. I just want to help them through it, hug them, support them and help them realize that they WILL be ok.