Sooo, in an earlier post this week, Pete told me he’s officially dating (not in so many words), which gave me that much more of a kick in the pants to want to do something about CSB instead of just pining over him! Sooo, I went to class, all ready to attempt to ask him out. While I – again – wussed out, I did get more intel, so all is not lost IMHO!

Deets I gathered (some goodies!):

  • he has two cats! score!! Love that he’s a cat person and not a dog person.
  • his job is right across from Fanueil Hall in Boston, he’s a manager, does some underwriting for property insurance etc. Smarty pants? nice.
  • he likes wine more than he likes beer! triple score. I think it’s so hot when a guy likes wine, let alone, likes it MORE than beer. He likes white, while I prefer red, but hey, no problem in my book! 😉
  • he was very curious when I told him I was selling my house. he asked – where are you moving? and I told him I’m staying here, just renting an apartment (which is what got us into the cat convo)

So, usual drill, we talked a lot before and after class, he told me what clip I needed for my new snazzy spin shoes and tomorrow he can show me how to use them…I really hope I have the guts tomorrow. I was thisclose, I really was, but the music was still super loud at the end of class and I wimped out, in case he didn’t hear what I said and then I’d have to repeat it. Mortifying. And yes, I realize I am overthinking. But that’s what I do. I fear rejection more than anything!! Hopefully I’ll overcome it asap…cuz I seriously need a date. like WHOA.